The group of hacktivists CH01 defaced at least 32 Russian websites to mark a protest over the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion

A group of hacktivists that goes online with the moniker CH01 defaced at least 32 Russian websites to mark a protest over the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The news was also shared by the collective Anonymous through its accounts.

The hackers have uploaded a video showing the Kremlin burning on the defaced websites. At this time it is unclear how the hacktivists have breached the websites.

Pro-Ukraine hackers CH01 defaced tens of Russian websites on the invasion anniversary

“The oracle says that all evil will loose and all good will live forever. we are CH01 hacker group, on behalf of all free world, will fight against putintrrorist and all dictators. Let the prophecy come true” reads the message published by CH01 on Twitter.

CH01 joined to the Anonymous’s call to army against Russia that invaded Ukraine.

“Hacker group CH01, in solidarity with the entire civilized world, in order to restore justice and the triumph of the forces of light and good, on the anniversary of the terrorist invasion of dictatorial Russia in a strong and independent Ukraine, we declare cyber war to the dictatorship and totalitarianism and idiocy of Putin’s criminal regime.” reads the message published by the group on Twitter.

CH01 hacktivists

“Today, at exactly 4:00 AM , for the fact that russia bombed Kyiv, a cyber war has been declared on it! Dozens of russian sites now look like this, we now have all the data from these sites” reads a message published on Twitter.

Anonymous, and other groups of hackers affiliated with the popular collective, will continue to fight against Russia.

Anonymous this week published a message to renew its commitment in protecting Ukraine from the criminal invasion.

On February 23, 2023, Anonymous hacked into several radio stations across Russia, including Yumor FM, Relax FM, Comedy Radio, Humor FM, and Avatoradio. A female voice rendered the fake alerts, it was announcing an air raid and requested the listeners to seek shelter quickly.


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