Japanese multinational conglomerate Fujifilm announced that it has restored operations following the recent ransomware attack.

On June 4, the Japanese multinational conglomerate Fujifilm announced that it was hit by a ransomware attack and shut down its network in response to the incident.

Around two weeks later the Japanese giant announced that it has restored operations following the attack. Fujifilm did not disclose details about the attack either the family of ransomware that infected its systems.

“We confirmed unauthorized access to the servers we use from the outside, and on June 2, we stopped all servers and computers that could affect us and shut down the network. After that, from June 4th, we started operating servers and computers that were confirmed to be safe, and resumed communication on the network that had been blocked.” reads a statement published by the company. “We are pleased to inform you that by today, normal operations for customers and business partners, such as reception of inquiries and orders and shipments of our products, have been restored.”

Fujifilm immediately launched an investigation into the attack to determine the extent of the breach. According to the experts, the ransomware operators only compromised specific networks in the country. The company believes that threat actors were not able to steal data.

On June 14, Fujifilm announced that it was able to restore “normal operations for customers and business partners.” The company will be able to process orders and ship them.

The company also added to have implemented all of the necessary security measures to prevent any unauthorized access.

“The investigations completed so far have found no evidence of information leakage to the outside world,” states the company.

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