The AvosLocker ransomware operators released a free decryptor after they accidentally encrypted the system of US Government entity.

The AvosLocker ransomware operation provided a free decryptor after they encrypted the systems of a US government agency.

According to BleepingComputer, the gang hit a police department but fearing the reaction of US law enforcement opted to release a free decryptor to the government entity.

The incident is casual, one of the affiliates of the RaaS service hit the government agency and AvosLocker discovered the name of the victim only after their malware encrypted its systems.

Recently major ransomware operations were targeted by international operations conducted by law enforcement. In recent months, the police identified and arrested members and affiliated with several gangs, including REvilEgregor, and Clop ransomware gangs.

Despite the success of the police operations, ransomware gangs continue to target organizations worldwide, in 2021 several groups rebranded as new operations to evade sanctions.

BleepingComputer, which has reached AvosLocker gang, said that its operators are “not worried about law enforcement as they have no jurisdiction in the motherland.”

This is another problem, the fight against ransomware gangs needs the collaboration of law enforcement agencies of any country, especially Russia where many ransomware groups have their origin.


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